Ployz, Ploypapus Phosri, is a Thai multimedia artist, living and working in Berlin. Ployz’s works take on multiple media, including motion graphic design, 2D-3D animation, generative design and audiovisual art. She has a special interest in real-time visualization, art & science, and analogue/digital interfacing. Coming from an eastern background, her works are majorly influenced by Eastern philosophies that reflect in her work.

Ployz began exploring visual principles and digital possibilities. After graduating Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany in 2013, the artist progressed to computer-generated imagery and later focused on motion design. In recent years, Ployz started experimenting with visual programming focused on real-time interactive computer graphics. Most of her digital media projects are dedicated to the exploration of the intersection between art and technology.

Website: Instagram: plyzitron


2022 Chasing Waterfalls Semperoper Dresden, Germany
2022 Portraits of An Other Aspen Art Museum and Anderson Ranch Art Center, Colorado, USA
2021 UMWELT art exhibition, Shanghai, China
2021 NEO SHIBUYA TV ‘30seconds museum’ - The Light of Here & Now New Media Art, Tokyo, Japan
2020 Encoding Fragment Of Consciousness / “In Absentia” Digital pavilion The Wrong Biennale, Foggia, Italy
2020 Creative Code Festival New York, USA
2020 Darwinism in Motion [quarantine coping mechanisms] O SÍTIO ARTE E TECNOLOGIA ONLINE EXHIBITION, Brazil