DoPe was formed in 2013 as a collaboration between two Italian artists: Paolo Dolci and Francesco Perratone. Working in diverse fields of oil painting for Dolci and digital art and photography for Perratone, both are independent artists who have worked at Michelangelo Pistoletto's Cittadellarte Foundation.

Paolo Dolci is an abstract painter of works which focuses and develops the harmony and power of shapes. Some of these images are a source of dynamic energy, others of static energy. The object represented may be perceived by sidestepping habitual understandings of images, instead allowing forms to emerge from abstraction. In this way, the enjoyment of art becomes an exercise in sensitivity to images, which as an artistic method makes it possible to frame and re-frame images in new ways, thus integrating art and life.

Francesco Perratone's personal interpretation of visual art is inspired in part by the ‘virtual’ world. The artist works with three-dimensional graphics, digital painting and sculpture, and real-time interactions, and also more traditional techniques such as video and photography. The border between those two worlds is explored through the gates and tunnels opened by and into his works. The focus of his work fuses and re-interprets techniques to achieve uncommon or unexpected results. At other times the focus shifts to the act of defining elements at the threshold between real and synthetic.