DoPe work, MutaSphere00 (2016) depicts a world-sized creature/planet which is sentient, partially organic and partially mechanical, and able to move and re-configures itself. The sound and movements represents the semi-artificial ‘birth’ of the creature.

MutaSphere is part of a wider project by DoPe which investigates the possibilities for a future-world. The space organisms/planets are a blend of worlds and spacecrafts, places to live and living things that all interact. These entities suggest the influence of some form of civilisation through technological or mechanical aspects, influenced by humanities coexisting with and within them.

The starting point for this piece was a drawing, which was illuminated and digitally photographed multiple times. The images were then enhanced and combined to produce a set of new images, which in turn were used to generate the base colours and features of the planet. The sphere was then animated alongside a soundtrack of mechanical noises to bring life to the planet.

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