Moonland is an audiovisual work by Doug Foster inspired by the influences of lunar cycles and the forces and the rhythms created by the moon.

We all live in Moonland. Our lives are influenced daily by the moon in profound and often unacknowledged ways, on large scales and small. The gravitational pull of the Moon creates tides in the Earth's oceans and distorts the Earth's crust, and has even been shown to affect bodies of water as small as a teacup! The moon was instrumental in the evolutionary journey of life from the sea to the land, and has many profound yet unnoticed influences on the reproductive cycles of flora and fauna, and indeed humans, whose lives follow the rhythms of the Moon.

In Moonland, Foster visualises and sonifies lunar power; the rhythms of the moon are replicated by linear, liquid and crystalline forms which overlap and interact, forming pulses and rhythms which connect the physical, the digital and the spiritual.


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