Dr. Sawsan Amin , Egyptian. Doctor: Medical and health Tropical. Literature and poetry A Poet and Writer Many stories , novels, plays and books of poetry. Awards taking place in the field of literature: Prize writer Salah Hilal in a short story published in 2010, Prize writer Moses Naguib in a short story in 2010 and holds a Medina Award for writing a children's story about the story of Dora Kingdom in the creative competition for children's stories filed by the Literary Club, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Medina with the participation of Centre for Research and Studies Medina in 2012. Fine Art Exhibitions: set up five art galleries: The first Inspirations spring, the second, entitled whispered Nature, the third, flashes of winter nights, the fourth Sun of East. Made the designs of many covers of many Novels and Books of poetry. Awards taking place in the field of Art holds acertificates excellence in these exhibitions in 2004 ..2005 .. 2006 .. 2010 Holds award of Center for Human Rights Mosawa in, 2012 at drawing and painting Branch