Growing up in a military family, change was inevitable. Although Ottawa has always been our home base, I spent much of my childhood in Northern Canada around the 60th parallel. Barren landscapes, remote communities, and winter are the foundations of my memories and appear often in my work. Generally preferring the found over the contrived, I go out into the world with my camera in an attempt to find stillness, meaning and light. I tend to focus on the relationship between nature and the built environment while exploring themes of memory, place and isolation.  Dyanne Wilson is a photo-based artist currently living and working in Ottawa, Ontario.  For the past 15 years, Dyanne has worked as an editorial photographer whose clients included: Hello! Canada magazine, Diplomat and International Canada magazine and Ottawa Citizen Style magazine amongst other corporate clients. Dyanne is a recent graduate of School of the Photographic Arts Ottawa diploma program under the direction of Michael Tardioli.