I started running a radical left blog in 2003. It soon became an authoritative source for alternative journalism. My site was an antidote against right-wing tub-thumping media. By 2006 I had over twenty million regular visitors. But I was restless. I've always had a low boredom threshold. Continuous editing of rather turgid left-wing prose became increasingly tiresome. To relieve the tedium I started to mix politics and erotica. I felt that leftists were far too pompous. It was time to lighten up. "The hostility of Marxists towards the lumpen proletariat and that of Socialists towards idleness and immorality helped sustain the myth of sex and seediness." At around the same time I began putting some of my experimental writing online. It appeared to be random thoughts, aphorisms, concepts. But by writing a lot, followed by strict editing, I condensed my ideas. It was a distillation of my prose work. By 2011 the 'sex side' had become so popular that I started a stand-alone website called Sex Porn Erotica. It currently has over a million visitors a month. I have my creative side on a separate website, ed-strong.com [password required]. It consists of daily posts which are very short and pertinent [rarely more than 100 words long]. The site incorporates all my interests: polemics, philosophy, sex and post-literary prose. It is both anecdotal and abstract. From a marketing point of view my online history is titillating. Someone who