Spanish artist El Diputado (real name: Javier Varela) was born in the sixties in Monforte de Lemos (NW Spain). One of his greatest pleasures during his childhood was scissors, glue and old magazines ready to be cut. That fondness for collages still been along with El Diputado since then, always as a hobby that became, several years later, his current job since 1990 until now: Graphic Designer. After had been working as designer in different Studios and also as freelance, in 2007 he started to work designing Packaging exclusively for a Spanish Food Company and still in that job. In his own words: "I love Art, Colour, Music and Sensuality, they make feel I am alive" "If I do not get to go unnoticed... try to be noteworthy" Among others of his artworks -always as a hobby-, PRIVATE VICES means a collection of 51 scenes made ​​up as Victorian collages, that shows anachronistic situations and fictitious events settled in those Victorian times with a provocative and humorous wit. These pictures aim to trigger smiles and thoughts regarding the Joy of Life, making a rogue wink to the viewer, recreating a lifestyle that did not exist. Are also a tribute to the great Richard Hamilton. El Diputado changes socially accepted norms and situations into sarcastic, glamourous and spicy scenes never seen on before. Surfing the web he collected several pics and mixed them using Photoshop in a Mac computer and adding personal touches Calmly, enjoy 3 of these photos never shot on real.