This artwork explores the correlation between power and money in a virtual landscape. I created a complex system, which aims to highlight the hidden structures of power which create value (and money) through the use of pictures and symbols. How many works of art – from painting to architecture – are used to link money to the system of the value of art? How many countries have the need to formulate their national identity through the appropriation of artistic images? And, what’s the role of art in the face of all this? In creating this work, I focused on irrational and random connections, using economic analyses along with personal interpretations. The resulting image of the world overlaps intricate systems of connections in order to create new ideas through free association. Every time this work is presented its system of connections will be different, based on new analyses and new interpretations. This is the first version, created for the 2013 GLITCH festival – Run computer, Run, Economics + The Immaterial, curated by Nora O Murchú at RUA RED, Dublin, Ireland.


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