Emma Clayton works in a variety of mediums: sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and film. Emma gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art (Sculpture) in 1991, and an MSc in Architecture: Advanced Environment and Energy Studies from the University of East London and the Centre for Alternative Technology in 2006. Her first degree taught her how to make, her second gave her an environmental context for making. The central theme of her work is finding a balance between the need to express and the urge to supress. This dichotomy pervades all her work, and is an ongoing area of personal exploration using the making of artworks as a conduit for the subconscious to express itself, sometimes to the consternation of the conscious... this process is akin to a continuing conversation between dual aspects of the self. Sometimes visible is a glimpse inside a sculpture to the writing within, sometimes a painting is seen in reflection... sometimes the thought or feeling seeking expression is converted into a coded abstract form, and sometimes a sculpture is only seen in motion, always just out of reach. Hidden, yet visible.