Painting, reflected #4

Much of my work is about what is not seen: what cannot be perceived: writing that can only just be glimpsed: a door which can't be opened: an object trapped within another: it is about what cannot be expressed as well as the urge to express, and this reflected painting again fulfilled the impulse to express, yet conceal: a constant push-me-pull-you of cognitive and creative dissonance.
The painting is visible in its reflection, a reflection warped by the over-layering of two reflections, so the painting is known to exist, there is evidence: a reflection is akin to a shadow: a light shadow! The viewer can see the light-shadow of the painting, but not the painting... The window exists as the invisible, yet visible barrier between a reflected space and a partially obscured space: the window's presence confirmed by the reflection of its shadow...
And beyond the window, there's a ploughed field: the lines of the furrows reflecting the lines of the painting. Both artificial constructs: an abstract painting in neon colours and land industrialised.


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