Still Life 53

A still life is, by definition, without movement. It is interesting to see in the traditional still life paintings the inclusion of wildlife such as butterfly, bees and even cats to introduce the notion of immanent movement, suggesting potential energy which can never be realised.

Still Life 53 is part of Enzo Roff’s ongoing exploration of the video still life. In this medium, movement, however subtle and minimal, is achievable, and is given new significance and drama by the stillness of the surroundings. As with all Roff’s work, it is possible to seamlessly repeat this image, creating an unnoticeable infinite and continuous loop.

Still Life 53 is an exploration of moving shadows, of light and dark and the behaviour of light on silk, wood, pottery, flowers and fruit. The sun is low to the left casting shadows on the wall while also making the pears and pottery look related.


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