The Vision

Part of the What If You Created Artificial Life And It Started Worshipping You series, The Vision is equally spellbinding for its animated sophistication. Resembling the rotational charm of a child’s kaleidoscope tube, in which the patterns positively expand and rotate beyond all recognition. Schockmel’s work is centred by an ornate altar piece from which everything else emerges. At its tip is a revolving ruby coloured stone that turns on its axis, in front of a cushion of bird feathers. And at its base are a series of steps that lead to an eternal flame, from where the work's generative energy appears to come. As the tonal vibrations of sound resonate like distress signals, so the atmosphere metamorphoses into an impenetrable layer, from within which a crystallised collection of circles emerge from behind this central deity. The warmth of which is all-encompassing. Equally the complexity of these expanding circles and the mirrored patterns that are generated in this work, are as attractive as they are inspired. And it becomes almost impossible to qualify from where one circle of shapes begins and another ends as these highly stylized tessellations indulge upon one another like an orgy of animated beauty.

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