Etan Ilfeld

London, United Kingdom
Etan Ilfeld is a London-based artist, entrepreneur, and author. In 2007, Ilfeld founded Tenderpixel Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Central London. Ilfeld is also a digital artist and his New Kind of Cinema work was showcased at TEDxLondon in 2011, included in the Apparatjik iPhone magazine and archived in Rhizome's ArtBase. New Kind of Cinema was programmed in Mathematica and inspired by the usage of cellular automata after training with Stephen Wolfram in Pisa during the summer of 2009. Ilfeld's article Contemporary Art and Cybernetics was published in the peer-reviewed Leonardo Journal published by MIT Press in February 2012, and his book, Beyond Contemporary Art, was published in October 2012 by Vivays Publishing. Beyond Contemporary Art is an image-driven contemporary art book, which spans disciplines ranging from science, design and architecture to new media, film-making and performance art.