Fausto Ignacio Cantú Cantú was born in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico in 1968. He has been utilizing digital technology as an essential component of his creative process since 1990, employing digital printing, animation, generative design, and virtual reality techniques. His work explores the intangible, the speed of execution, and the ephemerality of technological pieces, which possess infinite versions, copies, and originals. However, his work also delves into the human condition and figurative expressionism. Fausto works on the premise of spontaneous expression and explores the potential of strokes and stains in the creation of his artwork. He uses points, lines, and pixels to generate compositions of great tension, addressing themes such as the subconscious, human interaction, and the human body. He builds an atmosphere of energy and tension through powerful strokes, with colors and shapes that convey a deep sense of anguish and silence. Through his work, Fausto invites the viewer to confront the question of human identity, urging us to look within ourselves.