Ingrid develops imaginary characters to be used in different types of works of fiction, including e-books, toys, multimedia applications or pure art. She helps storytelling by visualizing fancy personalities and magical environments. 

Her work is truly inspired by the world around, but she can't help adding magic and imagination to amplify her unique Magical Realistic style. Partners with Stefan Krastanov who’s a graphic artist.   

Magalinska adores playing with black and white to make graphics. Black pencils and ink remain to be her favorite media. She creates the popular Pencil and Black Ink series.  

Until one sunny morning…

...“What about letting graphics leave the surface and live their own life in 3D space?”  

Such thoughts came to her mind... Well, we all have our sunny morning thoughts but that's not the point. So let’s stick to the story.

The Graphic Sculptures came to life shortly. Well, it was a new universe to be explored. Now Ingrid and Stefan have lots of sculptures created and more ready to go at a different stage of production.  

High time for the Graphic Sculptures Project to go live. And you are kindly invited to join. 

Thank you!