Going Through

Going through the experience called Human Being.
Through the illusion called Time.
Meeting Past self and Future self and finding Truth self.
There was the Duality at the beginning with all the beauty in polarities. There was Good and Bad, Day and Night - Yin and Yang and the perfect balance between them.

Then the two-dimensional Black and White got narrowed, and Ingrid and Stefan started seeking other dimensions to express all the beauty of the "lines floating in space". They were fascinated by the infinity of dancing in other dimensions, knowing that there is even more...

"From time to time I merge and dissolve into my Truth self, into the Oneness but still in human form... And I call this Love.", Ingrid Magalinska says.

This sculpture was born as a part of The Graphic Sculptures Project - series of multidimensional drawings.
The Graphic Sculptures are 3D extensions of flat graphics. It's not about painting over surfaces or placing grids of ornaments over them, but drawing through space.
Ingrid creates them using 3D software, and they don't yet exist in the material world.

Traditional song from the Rhodope mountains performed by Polina Yordanova used in the video.
Original drawings by Ingrid Magalinska. Video production by Stefan Krastanov.
The Going Through sculpture is kind of a world premiere of the Project since it has not been exposed to art collectors yet.

And many more Graphic Sculptures are on their way.

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