Decomposition III - Human/Animal

Decomposition III - Human/Animal is part of the Decomposition collection of three new artworks by Guli Silberstein.

The Decomposition collection contains three streams of hybrid images, continuously forming and breaking apart, reflecting electronic, cognitive and collective perceptions of a dissolving world. In the face of disasters such as epidemics, climate breakdown, social unrest, political uncertainty and armed conflicts, these glimpses from around planet Earth bring together views of water, land, fields, mountains, animals, humans, all interacting in an organic texture, calling forward forces of nature as they are mingled and arranged in Earth’s ecological system.

In the works, images are connected by superimposition, placed on top of each other, merging and breaking, representing natural patterns, resulting in ‘the pattern which connects’ - a term coined by Gregory Bateson, a Cybernetics philosopher - “The pattern which connects is a meta-pattern. It is a pattern of patterns”. It is the big picture, where everything is connected to each other. We mix with nature, mixing with earth, with animals,with water, wind, all in one network.

The combination of the different images in this collection acts like a 'moire' pattern - when two sheets of silk each with a different design are overlaid on top of each other, the total effect is a third pattern. So by overlapping two images, a new image is created which contains the two images but creates a new meaning by itself. In the Decomposition collection these ‘third images’ are processed by digital means, spreading parts of the images over the timeline. The algorithm places pixels a few seconds apart, mixing the images not only spatially but also across time, reflecting the binding connection between natural elements in our ecosystem, as they progress through life cycles.

Our minds and the world are one extension. We are a cohesive part of the world. In turn, the environment is not an enemy which has to be fought against. We have relationships with our environment. We are part of it. "If an organism or aggregate of organisms sets to work with a focus on its own survival and thinks that is the way to select its adaptive moves, its "progress" ends up with a destroyed environment. If the organism ends up destroying its environment, it has in fact destroyed itself." (Gregory Bateson).

Additional footage: Vimeo Stock, Shutterstock, Videvo, Pixabay, Beachfront

Music: Motorpig - Hall Of The Epiphany, Jamendo

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