Iris Caren Von Württemberg

Stuttgart, Germany
Iris Caren Duchess of Württemberg lives and works as a free artist near Stuttgart, Germany. She studied history of art and literature at University of Stuttgart. Her art is shown in several galleries and public art houses in Europe, also collected in public and private collections, since nearly thirty years. She works with photography, drawing, painting, lyric, art-films and realizes crossover projects, also with musicians. The newest one will be a cooperation with the electronic band Casseopaya, one of the first leading techno musicians. The art style of the artist is mostly abstract and expresses energy, light, color, movements, metamorphoses, spirituality. It makes invisible things visible and is created inside as well as outside. Her photography is directly, authentic, what means she doesn’t rework on it. The art-films of Iris Caren Herzogin von Württemberg are experimental by using her art photography in a different way under the aspect of metamorphoses. Some of them will be shown within her public performances with music. Her art is represented in Berlin by Galerie Luzàn. More information about the artist on: Facebook, Instagram, Lensculture, Simplesite and on her website.