Inject Roots

Herman Kolgen’s work for Sedition Inject Roots (2014), stems from his Inject body of work where the artist “injected” a human body into a cistern over the course of 45 minutes, subjecting it to various pressures, leading to multiple “neurosensorial transformations”. The original footage was shot over the course of six consecutive days, where the actor was immersed in water for over eight hours per day, oscillating between weightlessness and the lack of oxygen. Kolgen: “It’s a matter of narrative progression, in perpetual circles of influence and movement, where the real is in dislocation.”

The Inject was co-produced with Arcadi and the Conseil des Arts Canada. In 2010, Kolgen received an honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica for his work Inject.

Herman Kolgen lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

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