Crawler is a 3D video work by Herwig Scherabon, a part of The Deep Scattering Layer which was originally installed as a four-channel video. The Deep Scattering Layer vividly illustrates the concept; our understanding of life and reality from an anthropocentric point of view is in desperate need of an update.

What we call the agency in modern philosophy has been around in indigenous tales for centuries in the form of spirits. Something being animated is something being brought to life. The videos are based on 3D scans of aerial roots and plant leaves from the Amazon which are then processed with game development techniques. The thing that they once were has been peeled off. Now as hybrid creatures they appear and disappear into the infinity of the black screen.


To present the artwork as original as possible, a video The Deep Scattering Layer showing all 4 works in a single channel will be gifted exclusively to Sedition's collectors who purchase The Deep Scattering Layer (all four artworks).


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