Herwig Scherabon is an award-winning Austrian artist, who is currently based in Berlin. He is working across various fields such as CGI, virtual reality and audiovisual installations. Having grown up in the Austrian Alps, Herwig has a long-lasting relationship with landscapes and nature and is interested in the sublime qualities of large scale phenomena. This often manifests in his work through the use of meditative and immersive concepts.

Partly due to his background in graphic design and architecture, Herwig is invested in the abstract interpretation of space, places and objects. Cartographic data and 3D scans are often the raw material and starting point of his investigations where ideas of reality and evidence are put into question and are blurred into the uncanny valley of virtual transcendence.

Website scherabon.com

Instagram @herwigscherabon


2022 Palais de Tokyo Paris, France
2022 Karachi Biennale Pakistan
2022 Dock 11 Berlin, Germany
2022 Busan Design Week Busan, Korea
2022 Re:publica 22 Berlin, Germany
2021 Not Really Now Not Anymore Thailand Biennale for Contemporary Art
2021 Against Nature Kiezkapelle, Berlin
2021 The 5th Floor Tokyo, Japan
2020 City Gallery Villach, Austria
2020 Bethanien Creative Quarter Berlin, Germany