Seismic Memories in a Field of Shifting Gravity

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From an anthropocentric perspective, We, humans have been experiencing a rift between us and the environment. After hundreds of years of reiterating this dichotomy, we have more and more separated from the world around us. While there is a clear distinction between subject and object in traditional western philosophy, this work appeals to a more interconnected understanding of this relationship.

Seismic Memories in a Field of Shifting Gravity explores the intimacy of the body with its surroundings. The work reminds viewers of eons old entanglement that humans have tried to forget and neglect: the ancient memory of landscapes as the foundation for life and the forces that shape our bodies and movements.

The video was originally part of a triptych and premiered in Berlin 2022. It is a collaboration with the dancer Tanja Saban, whose movements were recorded with motion-tracking sensors. During a research trip to the Swiss Alps, the landscape was 3D scanned with a drone. In the video, the landscape reacts to the dancer's movements.

Credits: Artist: Herwig Scherabon Choreography: Tanja Saban Supported by Dock 11

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