Holger Lippmann

Wandlitz c/o Berlin / Germany


is based on a series of processing code which were accomplished over the last years.
objects within a predefined matrix are continuously devided down by two. iterating size, color and different behaviours such as structural build up from the center by thin lines (based on another "for" loop code within the main loop).
each repetition of the process results in one iteration, which is used as the starting point for the next iteration. between 6 upto 8 levels are recorded.
different values for coloring, density or positioning are either random and/or results of the last iteration. colors are partly based on predefined color maps.

Looking back at my accomplishments over the last years, I recognise apart, from various formal approaches, a continous drive for structural condensation.
For structural condensation up to a point where the shapes begin to apparently depart from their usual meanings and are not clearly perceptible anymore.
In this structural void an entirely new pattern for composing comes into being – an abstraction of fissuring and reformation.
Seen in a sober and technical manner, one may perceive the eternal balancing of meaning, magnitude, colours, shades and properties in order to make out a sound in this ravaged chaos.
Most like to walking a tight-rope with concrete and depictive dynamics on one side and the white noise of ambientesque or tranceesque rhytmical harmony on the other.

made with processing
full HD 1080p, 3 min, H.264, no sound

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ITERATIONby Holger Lippmann

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