Carrena was born in Buenos Aires Argentina on January 28, 1955. He is a visual artist and musician, graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and the Colegium Musicum of Buenos Aires. The theme of his work is based on giving a new vision with the media current, of the rich signage of the ancient peoples of South America and Argentine Patagonia. He works in series, where the image varies according to the material used. Also a very important theme for the artist is the universe and nature in which we are immersed, and research with new media: from photocopies, electrographic engraving, photography and digital art. A large number of his works, including paintings, engravings and drawings, are in private collections in the United States, Spain, Poland, the Caribbean, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, Germany and Argentina. His work is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires. His works also appear in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Huila, Colombia, in the Museum of Modern Art, Durango, Mexico, in the Beato Angélico Museum, La Plata, Argentina, in the Museum of Electrography and Copy Art., Cuenca, Spain , in the National Museum of Engraving, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the Ozanam Foundation Collection, Zaragoza, Spain and the Shoe Museum, Alicante. Spain.