Lost Colours In The War. Part 9

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IIONN, a Ukrainian artist, living in the country torn by a brutal war, continues presenting his ideas, fears and hopes and finding a way to communicate through his creative practice.

Lost Colours In the War is a series of moving image artworks created by IIONN after the Russian invasion of Ukraine started. Each artwork shows a form of flowers blooming constantly and occupying the space with their tenacious body. IIONN depicts disparate colours and shapes in the videos, some look as if flowers opening out in the darkness and some bear resemblance to outbursts in a field.

Lost Colours In the War is embedded in the current context of a highly precarious and dangerous world and the artworks cherish sincere hope for a better future.

IIONN shares his thoughts, “Art must always live, even in the darkest times. For someone, it is medicine, for someone it is hope, but it is still necessary to live right now. All wars end sooner or later, so it is important to keep inside yourself as much light as possible. The light inside you can save the world. Dark ages for russia, Glory time for Ukraine.”

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