IIONN is a Ukrainian artist, musician, and designer. IIONN primarily works with digital software to create digital sculpting, character creation, generative graphics, and animation of abstract particles. The artist is also passionate about music, thus, the latest focal point of his practice is syncing sound and visual and synthesising the art with audio pieces. For IIONN, the artistic practice is 'creating his own little universe'.

IIONN's passion for art started in his childhood. Initially, music was a big part of life and dreams, the evolving of taste, and a way of his self-expression. The artist started his digital art practices as an alternative method of drawing, which seemed unattainably difficult for him. Now, photography is also a part of his expression process as they are complemented by atmospheric details, characters, and the creation of his own little stories.

All these journeys later transformed and turned into the design, in the creation of his own clothing brand in a futuristic Japanese style, where IIONN performed the absolute majority of functions on his own. As a self-taught artist, IIONN keeps pushing himself into the new stage of creation in CGI and music composition.