Ion Lucin is…that´s not easy to explain. He was born in Eastern Europe, but raised in Spain, and after some years in the US, he is back in Spain as his home base. Ion Lucin studied Fine Arts, he was excited about the freedom of being able to create, to express himself in any ways possible, but freedom has a double edge, too much freedom can get messy. He needed a meaning to his creations, he needed purpose, he needed some order and organization. That´s when he discovered Graphic Design, and he could finally see the functionality of his creativity. As a Designer, Ion Lucin solves problems, visual problems. He creates things that are minimalist and rational, less but more, and he does it in an unique and original style, all in 3D, but with 2D and bold look. Ion Lucin doesn´t like to limit himself, his creativity, to just one creative field, he likes to explore, invent experiment and conquer new creative fields once he dominates the last one. He is in constant search of new creative projects, new ways to innovate and experiment, in order to create something new and never seen before, but always with his unique and particular style. He is a designer, all of his projects are created entirely only by him, he creates the project from concept to finished product. The creative fields in which he works are, Motion Design and Animation, Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration, Industrial Design, and all these are created entirely in 3D, because he is a 3D generalist.