Treize Alpes n°5: Old rose, brick red, amaranth and fuchsia blue

Treize Alpes n°5: Old rose, brick red, amaranth and fuchsia blue is a video work by Jacques Perconte, released as part of the artist’s Treize Alpes collection.

This video is a recording of a new generative work by the artist. Only seven variations have been captured; seven exceptional moments that remain the only traces of this piece, erased by the artist once the videos were recorded. This series is the artist's thirteenth project dedicated to the Alps chain, which he passionately continues to film year after year.

From a randomly drawn colour, the images slide into each other, taking with them colours and materials in their grooves as they go. Everything that happens in the image is the result of their technical peculiarity, it is by working within the video compression encoding that the images acquire this porosity.

Flying from Paris to Milan, you fly over the Alps, and from time to time you have the chance to see the highest snow-covered peaks, clear of the thick cloud cover. It's magical to see the thousand lights of the sun projecting so much colour on the mountains.

This is the thirteenth piece I've done around the Alps. I was born in Grenoble, France, at the foot of the mountain range. But my family didn't stay in the region. I miss these mountains. So I bring them back as much as I can in my daily life.” - Jacques Perconte.


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