A major figure in the French digital art and avant-garde film scenes, Jacques Perconte considers himself as mainly a cineast. Born in 1974 in Grenoble, graduated from University of Bordeaux, currently lives and works between Paris and Rotterdam. Perconte is certainly one of the first artists to have worked on compression codecs artefacts. Since the end of the 90s, he experiment withe technology in art. Through reverse engineering and expert manipulation of the encoding and storage technologies of digital video, Perconte crafts magical landscapes as colorful fairy tales. His primary focus is to examine our ongoing cultural and technical relationships with nature. He concentrates on the landscape while he transforms digital technology into a new media, which can be esthetically as rich as any other classical art. Perconte’s exhibition venues include both cinema theaters and contemporary exhibition spaces. His works have various forms such as linear film for cinema and generative film for exhibition/gallery space, audiovisual performance, photography and installation. His films have been screened in hundreds festivals and cinema venues all around the world, his films where honoured by several retrospectives, the major was in 2014-15 at French Cinematheque in Paris.