Jakob Polacsek is photographer from Vienna, Austria (1976). After graduating from high school in Salzburg in 1995 he spent a year traveling in Australia before moving to Vienna to study at the Vienna University for Music and Art (Electronic Media and Computer Music) and at Vienna´s Main University (Communications and Media Studies). His first professional photography experience was working on the award winning documentation “Zen and Zero” which he co-produced and for which he did camera work and still photography. After previously using photography only as personal souveniers of his travels the work for the movie was his first venture into the professional world of photography. From 2005 onwarda photography became his main occupation which it is to this day. He shoots portrait, reportage and advertising for international clients. His personal work consists mainly of travel photography. Since his first voyage through Australia he was infected with the travel bug and has since been to 50+ countries. His travel photography has been shown in solo and group exhibitions and some of artworks have been printed in large numbers. His photography features rich yet balanced colors and a strong sense of space. The images are able pull the viewer out of his reality into a distant scenery. Even if it´s just for a second or two the viewer is participating in the scene through the eyes of the photographer. Jakob vision is expressive yet easy to read and comprehend – it stands for itself.