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Thinking Edibles Reversible Food

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A strategy for creating a long term balanced, positive state of mind.

The role and quality of food is pivotal for mental wellbeing. Within the planetary quest for sustainable, secure food production, there is plentiful future challenge to test our mental and emotional coping strategies, and effectiveness of our inner reserves as we attempt to adapt to a faster life.

To thrive, we require resourceful ways to maintain good mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical fitness, recognising that fulfilling an appetite is about satisfying the whole being.
As a global society, we have opportunities to use to review our needs and desires with food and to extract and use food energy more efficiently.

This work explores the concepts of Reversibility, Evolution and Metamorphosis inspired by a decaying leaf. Its multi-colouration indicate different stages of decay, illustrating a slow “time release” chemical change.
The leaf image resembles an African female head, as if evolving or reversing to a former identity. Reversibility provides 2 in 1 potential.

In preparing our inner states to adjust to global pace, digesting a time release leaf tea allows the recreation of natural time switches in ourselves, and to mentally re-configure, and become refreshed, as we metamorphose and evolve ourselves again.

Foraged Nature with the man-made, artificial “food lab”.

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Thinking Edibles Reversible Foodby jane camellia sarkar
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Thinking Edibles Reversible Food
jane camellia sarkar
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February 19, 2018
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