Jean-Marie Guyaux is a digital artist/photographer living in New York City, USA. His career as a professional photographer has consisted of shooting editorial and advertising work that runs the gamut of still life, fashion and celebrity photography. In 2010, Jean-Marie relocated his studio across the East River from Manhattan to the artistic community of Long Island City, NY, and he mostly put his emphasis on personal photographic works that revealed the passing of time. Slashed, torn advertising posters found in the NYC subway stations. Close ups of crashed and mangled cars. Windows pierced by bullets. Exit No Exit, featuring people with no place to go. In 2015 Jean-Marie started to focus on the fascinating domain of New Media Art to generate a form of Digital Pop Art by manipulating iconic images. Jean-Marie’s imagery originates in the raw data of a picture source that is played upon and distorted via non-photographic applications designed to edit files of another format, resulting in the alteration of the medium. The ensuing imagery filtered through the alchemy of algorithms results in a digital painting that is a mystifying re-interpretation of the visual imprinted in one’s memory. The process has been referred to as Digi-Pop, a synthesis of Neo-Pop and Glitch Art. Both Jean-Marie’s visions of the physical and virtual spaces are about confronting the present and exploring the past while the future is left to the imagination. Please visit