Jean-Marie Guyaux

Palma de Mallorca, Spain


J-M Guyaux is a visual creator whose ventures into the world of video have been exhibited in locations such as Zagreb Croatia, Copenhagen Denmark, Nottingham UK and included in the 2019 video and sound event at the Five Points Gallery in Torrington, Ct, USA.

J-M’s videos explore the delineation between visual and sound and their shared aptitudes in how we sense and understand images.

“Far... Far Away“ is the second episode of a trilogy that saw its origin in “Rush Not”, a video that presented a mix of a cinematic and digital coded view of our biosphere.
With “Far ... Far Away“ J-M invites the viewer to a reconstructed space odyssey that will awaken faded memories of July 20, 1969. A collage of TV news clips of the era is assigned a revisionist perspective through the grammar of algorithms applied to image and soundtrack.
The result is a multi option science fiction experience that can be viewed as presented or enhanced in 3D via Anaglyphic or Chroma Depth glasses.
Suggested supplier: American Paper Optics @
The soundtrack by Sounderella 007 is a mix of synthesized sounds and various pre-altered versions of the 1969 Space Oddity composition by David Bowie as distributed on the Internet.

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