Moving Dallas

Moving Dallas is the seventh film in London-based film-maker Jevan Chowdhury’s ongoing project titled Moving Cities that is an award-winning collection of works which seeks to interpret cities through dance and movement.

Drawing inspiration from the Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, In Moving Cities Chowdhury aims create magic reality versions of cities, by dancers taking over the cities as a stage. As he puts it, In Moving Cities he aims to “expose the city as a character and use the dancers to reveal different characteristics of that city and the movement within it and the buried emotions within it inhabited by its people.” “Cities are vessels of lots of lives and experiences

The works in the series are music-led films and photographic representations of mostly the emotive side of different settings, local people and architectural characteristics of different cities. Iterations of the project have been created in different cities around the world including Hong Kong, London, Paris, Brussels, Prague, Yerevan, Athens and have won various international prizes from film festivals around the world.

In Moving Dallas Jevan Chowdhury brings local communities, individuals, businesses, and dancers into one artwork. The seventh edition of the series features 17 districts of the city, 56 artists and over 400 local participants. Commissioned by Visit Dallas, Moving Dallas is an artistic comment on the city, portraying its growing and talented arts scene in a unique way.

Combining dance, cinema and electronica, Moving Dallas features a broad range of performances from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to world-class ballet, contemporary dance and folklorico which are set against a glassy dream, packed with early examples of 20th century Art Deco architecture.

The touring installation contributed to the regeneration of Kldye Warren Park, the Deep Ellum District, and the Bishops Arts District, and became the primary marketing collateral for the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2016-2018.


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