Moving London

Moving London by Jevan Chowdhury is a visual exploration into the heart of London, often described as an inferno where the ancient seamlessly juxtaposes with the modern. In this intricate dance of life, machines, cars, and trains orchestrate a daily symphony, creating a system of magical convenience. This film delves into the depths of this orchestration, highlighting the peculiar yet harmonious relationship dancers cultivate with urban landscapes. An integral part of the wider Moving Cities project, the film showcases the unique union between the rhythm of cities and the fluidity of dance. Serving as a sequel to its predecessor, Keeping London Moving, it marks the first anniversary of Moving Cities and offers another poignant portrayal of the dynamic synergy between human movement and the man-made wonders of a metropolis.

Directed by Jevan Chowdhury
Music by Josh Garrels

Bryony Harrison
Arielle Alexandra Smith
Charlotte Hilton
Alice Hall
Kellie Jones
Chris Thomas
Ellie Ferguson
Ewa Golan Remi Black
Kai Tomioka
Kyomi Ishibashi
Yoshimasa Ikezawa
Julie Nunès
Brittanie Dillon
Rowan Parker
Elizabeth Lloyd Raynes
Margarida Macieira
Sarah McGuinness
Yasmine Meesa Smith
Emma Farnell-Watson


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