Moving London 9

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Moving London Stills by Jevan Chowdhury is a captivating collection of 40 unique photographs, each capturing the essence of London — a city where age-old traditions merge with contemporary innovations. These images immortalize the candid moments where dancers, as integral components of the city's tapestry, interact and converse with London's multifaceted structures and streets. Each still stands as a testament to the overarching narrative of Moving Cities, emphasizing the project's objective since its inception in 2014: to foster intercultural understanding through the arts. Through these images, viewers experience the transformative power of dance, presenting cities in their rawest, most present forms.

Directed by Jevan Chowdhury
Music by Josh Garrels

Bryony Harrison
Arielle Alexandra Smith
Charlotte Hilton
Alice Hall
Kellie Jones
Chris Thomas
Ellie Ferguson
Ewa Golan Remi Black
Kai Tomioka
Kyomi Ishibashi
Yoshimasa Ikezawa
Julie Nunès
Brittanie Dillon
Rowan Parker
Elizabeth Lloyd Raynes
Margarida Macieira
Sarah McGuinness
Yasmine Meesa Smith
Emma Farnell-Watson

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