Korean born London-based artist Jinjoon Lee employs range of media, including photography, drawing, film, video, sound and installation to explore our perception of time, space and Khôra. He is currently pursuing an MA in Moving Image in the Sculpture department of the Royal College of Art, where he is exploring multidisciplinary interests in media and architecture, whilst working alongside international architects, lighting designers and musicians. Lee was art director for the Seoul Gasan Digital Complex Media Façade Project in 2012 and more recently has worked with collages of still and moving imagery to explore the way in which we measure past and present. Lee has an interest in the uncertainties of collective memory, and of social histories within public and private spaces, and explores the extended notions of Panopticism and Holopticism, engaging with ambiguity in an attempt to reveal a hidden historical ‘dead zone’.

Lee is most notable for his work They (2010), a large twelve-meter high public sculpture on permanent display at Digital Media City in Seoul. His works are included in public and private collections of the Farjam Collection of the Dubai International Financial Centre, the College of Engineering, Seoul National University and the Korea National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.