Apple Valley, CA

Kiss From The Soul

Only after we embrace love and discover its boundlessness can we dive into its limitless waters and swim in its eternal ether. A kiss, although just a brief moment, has a resonance that lasts forever. The further we explore our counterpart's lips, the more we are lost in that moment. Jeremy McKeehen’s Kiss From The Soul explores the intimate, ever-evolving nature of connecting with your soulmate as, forever in each other's embrace, you venture deeper into the human experience together. The animated video presents looping iterations of a couple in an embrace. As we spiral further inward, each iteration is the exact same yet entirely new altogether. This is the future of love: the realisation that love is constantly renewing, universal and transcends both time and space.

McKeehen explains: “This piece was created using 3D animation software (Cinema 4D), character rigging and infinite zoom techniques. I often enjoy exploring the concepts of infinity, especially when coupled with themes of human emotion. Both abstract and sensual, Kiss From The Soul draws from a place of finding true love and riding its waves into the horizon. Lose yourself to love. You will find everything you search for and more.”

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