Apple Valley, CA

Jeremy McKeehen's works are a journey into the eccentric and psychedelic. Encompassing animation and stills, the works reflect the artist’s focus on engaging with and articulating the eccentric, unusual and silent. Using a cornucopia of colours, the artist produces a rainbow assault on the retina which aims to expand the human consciousness and provoke the primal. McKeehen expresses his visions in an utterly unique manner.

Recent exhibitions of McKeehan’s work include Stimulation Overload at Superchief Gallery and Post Vision + Giphy Exhibition at Superchief Gallery, both in New York in 2016. His work is also displayed internationally through various online galleries such as The DNA Life, The Tax Collection and Feltzine. McKeehen works with organisations and artists pushing the boundaries of digital art and expanding brand recognition through various new mediums such as 3D projection mapping, 3D printing, motion graphics, interactive installations and virtual/augmented reality. His growing list of clients includes Refinery29, Giphy, David Choe, Electric Objects, and DNA Apps.