Joëlle (b. 1982) is an audiovisual artist and designer working in the realm of live visuals and performance where she explores the relationship between sound and form. She’s interested in visually communicating the feelings she has when she listens to music, and exploring the connection between what she hears, feels and sees. Using frequencies and minimal structures she tries to capture the atmosphere and emotions that she feels in the moment, creating compositions that are largely sculpted by sound.

Commissions and collaborations include MIRA Festival (Barcelona) alongside Andy Stott, Re-Textured Festival with SPEKTRA (London), Field Maneuvers (London), OFFF Mexico City with Aldo Aréchar, OFFF Barcelona with Joshua Davis and OFFF Vienna. She’s collaborated with Killawatt, Counterstrike and Ancestral Voices on a number of audiovisual projects. Her work has been exhibited at Digital Decade (London), Elixir Poetry Festival (Terrassa), Athens Digital Arts Festival and Sónar Hong Kong.

She is Richie Hawtin’s visual artist, and is a resident visual artist at FOLD, London.

Joëlle also works as a product designer, creating elegant and usable experiences while exploring how humans interact with technology.

She lives and works in London, UK.


2020 Digital Decade: Special Edition Sedition, London, UK
2017 Digital Decade 5 Ugly Duck, London, UK
2016 Collaboration with Joshua Davis OFFF Barcelona, ES
2015 Collaboration with Andy Stott Mira Festival
2014 Collaboration with Kilawatt Taktung Festival, Zurich, CH