Joëlle (b. 1982) is a South African designer and visual artist whose work is focused on exploring the connection between sound and form. Her creative process is led by experimentation and emotion and she considers her output a reflection of her environment and state of mind.

Her works range from music videos and generative graphics to live real-time visuals and are constructed of computer generated imagery and audio responsive elements that result in moving images largely sculpted by sound.

Joëlle has participated in MiRA Festival, Barcelona (performing live visuals alongside Andy Stott), Taktung Festival (CH) alongside Killawatt and Field Maneuvers Festival (UK). Other work includes visuals for Killawatt’s Boiler Room debut, a music video for Killawatt’s “Pressgang” on Osiris Records and live visuals for drum and bass duo Counterstrike.

Joëlle also works as a visual and interaction designer, designing interfaces and prototyping interactions for digital products.

She lives and works in London, UK.

Recent Activity


Collaboration with Joshua Davis
OFFF Barcelona, ES
Collaboration with Andy Stott
Mira Festival
Collaboration with Kilawatt
Taktung Festival, Zurich, CH