"When I produce art I am one of two minds. My input is a number the computer's output is a pattern. All numbers have patterns, even the numbers only divisible by one and themselves. I work with a self devised pattern of prime numbers to produce original digital artworks I find beautiful and iconic. I hope you do to." | Erik Flock has exhibited artwork at the 2016 Libre Graphics Meeting in London England, University of Westminster: London Gallery West. Is a graduate in Electronics Engineering Technology and can recall working on his mathematical theory since the age of three. | "I folded towels obsessively. It upset me to no end when I couldn't achieve perfection. I started using pen and lined paper to detail small squares of one continuous line. (Now the line has become embedded in a series of frames.) I studied electronics and digital processing and my art has become layered pixels of plasma colour, rendered with mathematical perfection by an extraordinary digital machine.... I believe that one day we will all stare at a screen and see our reflection in a portrait of digital light and it will wave and say hello and our avatar will become our Web Presence Version 2.0. Why? Because I have mine already. Click to Collect my Art. It's digital signature is unique and is of one with two minds." -ErikFlock 2018