I Was Always Trying To See You Through The Noise

I was looking for you for such a long, long time. I couldn't remember your name but I could never forget your face.

I found you. but you were just a recording, a looping shadow of your former-self.

This film is assembled from sequencing individual photographs, or frames, by hand using analogue machines and photographic camera, VHS tapes and other equipment.

A unique, lo-fi analogue-glitch exploration of time, love, identity and eroded memories. The complete body of Evidence of Time Travel includes over 300 photographs, animated GIF’s and dozens of video pieces. Various live performances of EOTT have taken place at notable venues including the BFI, London / The MONA, Tasmania / The Paradiso, Amsterdam. All music by John Foxx & Steve D’agostino also released on 12" Vinyl and Cd. This project stands as a remarkable and vast body of work created over numerous years.

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I Was Always Trying To See You Through The Noiseby john karborn
X of 50
I Was Always Trying To See You Through The Noise
john karborn
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February 23, 2018
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