Hi my name is John-lee Fenton and I am a graphic Artist based in Ibiza and working in the media of Digital Prints (for the moment). I come from Essex in the UK and have been artistic in some way from the age of 14 . I have been a music lover and DJ for 34 for years and a electronic music producer for the last 15 years. Art has been something that has come in and out of my life in different Ways, I left school with the idea of being an Architect or draftsman or heading to art college, but took a detour and I served an apprenticeship in Final Film Planning in the reproduction and print industry. From this I became a graphic designer and this is where my creativity began to flow back to me. In my love for graphics I began to find that I wanted to become more expressive and creative with what I was producing. Coming round to today where I have found my style in producing my interpretation of life’s frequencies. Most of my artwork is in the square format this for some reason gives me the boundaries i need and allows me to create bigger artwork which i feel is more dramatic. Its not to say i haven’t created or will not create other formats and sizes. Taking inspiration from my music productions and the frequencies of the natural world and Cymatic patterns, I create Kaleidoscopic artwork using my own photography and simple geometry.