Jonathan Monaghan

Washington, D.C.

Facades and Felicity

Facades and Felicity by Jonathan Monaghan is part of Dreamspace, an online group exhibition curated by Sophie Kahn, which brings together work by 13 artists working with 3D animation to create dream-spaces in which digital and physical, conscious and unconscious spaces converge.

Jonathan Monaghan’s piece for Dreamspace recounts a dream in which the artist and his grandmother are gently riding in a car, which is attached to a building clad in beautifully intricate wrought iron work. The scene has been rendered using 3D digital animation software.

For Dreamspace, artists were invited to keep a record of their dreams for a period of time. This record could take any form. When they had a dream in which an architectural space featured prominently, their task was to reconstruct it using 3D software, to the best of their ability. They were instructed only to model those areas of the space that they could recall, leaving the rest blank: a testament to the slippery nature of memory, and the impossibility of technological reconstruction.


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