José Drummond is a Portuguese artist currently based in Shanghai and Lisbon. His research-driven practice is an enigmatic and poetic investigation of the space in-between with questions of displacement, transience, and fragmented identities. Making use of a heterogeneous formal language where Installation, Video, Lights, Photography, and Painting intersect, Drummond’s process-based hybrid works defy classifications and artistic genres. His works are made with a strong experimental aspect, in the sense of permanently question the relationship, sometimes paradoxical and disruptive with the viewer. He is the director of VAFA - international video art festival, in Macau, and holds an MFA in Creative Practice from the University of Plymouth (UK) and the Transart Institute in New York (USA). He is a 2016 Sovereign Asian Art Award finalist and received scholarships from the Orient Foundation (Portugal), the National Centre of Culture (Portugal), and the Cultural Institute of Macau. He represented Portugal at Valencia Biennale. As a curator he explores the bridges between China and the West with “Where is China?”, presented simultaneously at the Millennium Museum in Beijing and the Orient Museum in Lisbon, being his most significant contribution.