Other editions: Photography. 2017. 84,38 x 150 cm. Diasec. Ed of 3 + 2 AP.

Stills of the first scene of the video, part of the installation “SO YOU DO BELIEVE THERE’S A HEAVEN?”. This large immersive installation work also included two large mirrors creating an optical sense of Infinitum. The first scene of the video was created with a Macro Lens pointing the camera to a composition of neon lights. It is a piece that follows the recurrent search for fragility, failure, chance, and transience in José Drummond's work. These ideas are often the basis and the result of a research process where a series of unstable actions can develop to uncertainty, misunderstanding, mutability, and hybridity. It is a constant investigation of the space in-between subverting and disrupting the relationship of the works with the viewer. Additionally, an enigmatic and poetic title adds one more layer questioning memory, loss, and existence.


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