The Swiss holokinetic artist K-soul is the inventor of the living light painting, also called Holokinetic painting. He is currently the only artist to master this technique. K-soul develops his research on the edge of art and science. He allies modern technologies and traditional techniques to realize holokinetic artworks which he names "Jardin Cosmique". His artworks range from poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture to installations … His reflection is focussed on the human, the origin and the essence of the creative force and the holokinetic aspect of the universe. K-soul creates and develops his projects in his atelier-gallery, the "Laboratoire Jardin Cosmique" in Switzerland. This poetic art-space is an architectural artwork modelled on the human being. K-soul is also mountain guide. This activity may seem paradoxical for an artist, but he has developed a unique artistic approach based on the experience of extreme realities. K-soul shows his artworks in various exhibitions and in permanent galleries dedicated to his work, as in Barcelona (Jardin Cosmique Barcelona from 2010 to 2012), in Principality of Andorra (Jardin Cosmique Andorra), or at Laboratoire Jardin Cosmique in Switzerland. K-soul's work has been distinguished by the Award of Excellence of the Bauhaus Universität in Weimar and the Premio Award of the Florence Biennale.