Jardin Cosmique / E-graine 002

Holokinetic painting by K-soul

The "Jardin Cosmique / E-graine" is an electronic seed of K-soul's Cosmic Garden :
Bright maps of interior landscapes - A poetic travel in the heart of life - Metamorphosis of shapes and colors - The creative power of the universe.

Continuing the researches of Kandinsky, Paul Klee or Mondrian, the canvas becomes a "living organism": complex structures of biorhythms, processes of pictorial embryogenesis, the metamorphosis of shapes and colours are the organic activity of the "pictorial being". The artwork reveals the mysteries of light and the creative processes of the universe.

Over the past centuries, painters have sought to integrate the light and movement into their pictorial work. After more than fifteen years of development, K-soul integrates traditional techniques with modern technologies and realized living light painting, or holokinetic painting.

The holokinetic painting is entirely handmade. An electronic screen serves as a canvas and allows the artist to paint directly with the light; all the movements of the brush are recorded and integrated into the canvas. The painting becomes alive.

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Jardin Cosmique / E-graine 002by K-soul

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