Mona Lisa 2.0

Raghava KK considers knowledge, art, and technology to be active, dynamic verbs that share similar processes of enquiry. With his work Mona Lisa 2.0, Raghava attempts to define a new role for the spectator; one that transcends beyond contemplation, perception, or purchase (of an artwork) - but which makes the viewer an active influence on the work’s creation and outcome.

The viewer is asked to wear an EEG headset that measure brain waves, and which in turn trigger the expressions made by the face on display. The brainwaves bias and complete the artwork based on personal preference. Through using technology, a biased participation is created that can be contextualised by the viewer, and which sheds light on the politics of choice.

The edition of Mona Lisa 2.0 available through s[editon] is the artist’s proof: a recording of the work when Raghava KK wore the EEG headset himself, presenting his view of Mona Lisa.

The artist lives and works in New York.

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